Facial Recognition Software and Cats

I thought this was an interesting use of facial recognition software, especially given the current state of affairs surrounding privacy. It's a work of art by Shinseungback Kimyonghun called Cat or Human: Human faces recognized as a cat face by a cat face-detection algorithm. Cat faces recognized as a human face by a human face-detection algorithm. The facial recognition (human and cat) was done using open source software. (Kittydar and OpenCV). … [Read more...]

Summer Reading for Social Engineers

It's summer time... Which means warm weather, margaritas, and lazy summer afternoons.  To help fill in the gaps, here is a list of classic readings for every social engineer. Nonverbal Communication Everyone agrees that nonverbal communication plays a huge role in social engineering.  Here are some of the original texts that changed the field of nonverbal communication. Silent Messages By: Dr. Albert Mehrabian Chances are you've probably heard someone say something like "words are only … [Read more...]