Professional Services

At Social Exploits we provide our customers with a variety of behavioral services. Here are some of the more popular services that we offer. If you are interested in hiring us, or are curious if we offer something you don’t see below, use our contact page for further information.

FACS Coding

The Facial Action Coding System (FACS) is the premier scientific system for measuring human facial movements. FACS has been used in several different environments, including research on emotion, communication, facial and microexpressions, and assessing deception.

People who are certified in the use of FACS are among the foremost experts at reading the human face. In order to be qualified to FACS code, one must go through extensive training (minimum of 100 hours) and then pass a rigorous exam. There are a handful of people worldwide that have actually obtained certification in FACS.

The FACS certified coders who work with Social Exploits have helped organizations:

  • Predict workplace violence
  • Assess job interviews
  • Profile suspicious activities
  • Identify and interpret emotional communication

Nonverbal Intelligence

Nonverbal communication refers to the non-linguistic and non-vocal parts of speech. It encompasses everything from body language, to facial expressions, even the clothes you are wearing. The ability to accurately interpret nonverbal communication, and use it for assessment and influence is known as nonverbal intelligence.

Reading books can help you learn about nonverbal communication, but the only real way to become an expert at nonverbal intelligence is through practicing, and through experience in the field. Here are just a few of the uses for nonverbal intelligence:

  • Be both more effective and more persuasive as a speaker, politician, or leader
  • As a way to get a better understanding of what is going on during a social interaction
  • To gain an advantage during negotiations
  • Learn what your competitors are up to
  • Assess the likelihood of deceptive communication

Due to potential geographic and security restrictions, you can send us both photographs and video recordings for a remote analysis.

In-Field Consulting

Every business is different, and the behavioral needs of each company varies from one to the next. Sometimes some good advice is all that is needed. Other times you need technically experienced personnel for in-field support.

The team at Social Exploits has facilitated and orchestrated several in-field projects including:

  • Plain clothes details
  • Information collection
  • Physical penetration testing
  • Behavior change campaigns

Perception Management

Perception affects every aspect of our lives, and it is one of the key elements for the success of any business. Perception management is when you take action to influence how people perceive you, themselves, and their world.

The manipulation of human perception has been studied for hundreds of years. Despite the numerous academic studies and publications, the art of perception manipulation, whether targeted at an individual or an entire community, is still a rare ability. The experts at Social Exploits have:

  • Helped mitigate loss of consumer and investor confidence due to unauthorized data disclosures
  • Prevented competition from gaining insight into client activities
  • Assessed and revamped in-house training to increase the rate of retention
  • Influenced the perception of social groups to align values with client interests

Analytic Interviewing

Analytic Interviewing is a multifaceted system designed to elicit truthful information from suspects, witnesses, or any subject of interest. The techniques in analytic interviewing are based on over 40 years of scientific research and validation, and through the real-life application by professionals such as law enforcement, regulatory inspectors, attorneys, intelligence agents and investigators.

Analytic interviewing includes elements of

  • Cognitive Interviewing
  • The P.E.A.C.E. Model
  • Rapport and Control
  • Reading People
  • Assessing Deception

The experts at Social Exploits are amongst the select few that have been trained and certified in the use of analytic interviewing.

Other Offerings

Due to security implications, some of the services we offer are not available to the general public. If you are a member of a government agency, the military, or a vetted security organization please contact us directly for additional consulting services not described above.